Saturday, September 12, 2015


Monday morning, I snuck out for a little alone time to enjoy a Chick-Fil-A biscuit and a pumpkin spice latte before we started our first Whole30 on Tuesday. As I was sitting at City Park, sipping on my coffee, it struck me how momentous the Tuesday after Labor Day has been in my life lately.

Eight years ago (well, eight years of Tuesdays-after-Labor-Day), marks the day I started at Southeastern Seminary. Fresh out of college, with a journalism degree and a summer job that was more "fun" than "fund," I got invited to come interview at SEBTS for a position that sounded right up my alley. When I arrived for my interview, the team quickly cut to the chase and challenged me to a game of SPIG, or Speed PIG, on the office basketball hoop. I won, and I was hooked. I worked there two months shy of four years.

Four years ago (four Tuesdays after Labor Day), I started working at a new job in a new state. It was my first day at Ashford, and though it was super short-lived (although 8 months was a lifetime there!), it marked a new chapter - life in Colorado.

This Tuesday after Labor Day, I began another new chapter in my life. It seemed only fitting that four years after Ashford, and eight years after Southeastern, I'd have another "career change" of sorts. I received word Monday afternoon that my photography site was (unwittingly) in violation of a trademarked name of another photographer here in Denver. And so has begun the process of taking down all of my photography-related sites and social media, and trying to come up with a new name.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out priorities and what I want to devote my time to. As I write this, I have two littles demanding my attention - one trying to bite his sister's toy and the sister trying to type on the computer with me. Obviously, being a good wife and mom is first priority. After that, how do I decide what to devote my time to? Essential oils, which I love and believe in and am passionate about? Photography, which I sometimes enjoy but doesn't feel like a perfect fit? Writing, which is my gifting and passion, but hasn't been a money-maker since I left Southeastern?

I've had several irons in the fire, and recently began writing a book, as if I needed another project. Is it possible to be good at several things, or should I focus only on one? These are the thoughts I've been wrestling with the last month. I've heard it takes 10,000 hours to become great at something. Who has that kind of time these days? Between kids, cooking, housework, church, do I decide where to invest my time and energy?

With that said, I've been trying to come up with a business name that is all-encompassing for this next chapter of life. Something that can grow as I grow - creatively, business-wise, etc. Any brilliant ideas? Due to the nature of A's job, I'd prefer to avoid using our last name. The Oily Lens, Soma Creatives, The Lavender Lens...all ideas I've had and trashed. Soooo - give me your best suggestions, and meanwhile, I would covet your prayers for direction in this new chapter of life!

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